Did you know that close to 90% of flowers come from other countries?

As such, locally bought flowers have one crucial advantage over imported flowers: durability. More and more local flower farms are being established in Quebec… finally! In 2021, the MAPAQ had almost 50 registered flower farms in Quebec. A real step in the right direction for floriculture. Consumers can now support local flower businesses by buying flowers directly from local farmers. When you think about buying local you probably think of food; however, flowers are also a crucial part, as they feed your soul and help maintain good mental health.

La pivoinerie Lili’s mission is after all to grow happiness.

  • Last longer. Our flowers are specially selected and picked at the perfect moment to last as long as possible.
  • Require less energy. Most cut flowers in Canada come from Europe, South America, Thailand, and Africa. Shipping flowers over long distances generates thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and requires a lot of energy.
  • Are durable and ecologically responsible. We respect the Earth – our planet, just as much as the earth on which we plant our flowers. We collect rain water to water our plants. We avoid using herbicides by planting our peony roots on geotextiles.
  • Smell better. Imported flowers are often produced en masse and are often GMO which, while extending their shelf life, reduces the rest of the flowers’ quality.
  • Are grown with love. At La Pivoinerie Lili, we take the time to take care of our flowers and our fields.