Growing peonies at home

Growing peonies is something anyone can do and doesn’t require Aunt Carol’s green thumb. A good quality peony root, planted at the right moment, in the right conditions will offer you amazing flowers for years. It is said that peonies outlive those that plant them. Planting a peony at home is a way to have endless flowers of any colour you want right in your home.

Peonies come in roots, not bulbs.

The ideal moment to plant them is in September and October, before the ground freezes.

Choose a spot for your peonies in well-drained soil, peonies don’t like lots of water, but they love snow so choose an uncovered location that will be adequately covered in snow during the winter. Peony can live up to 80 years if taken proper care of, part of this is not moving them too often and choosing the perfect spot for them.

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