Peonies get a lot of bad press because of the ants that love to settle down near them; just know that this is perfectly normal. Ants love peonies because of the sweet nectar they produce. Luckily for you they don’t damage your peonies in the process.

Ants may even be beneficial to peonies. Specialists believe that peonies attract ants so as to better repel more nefarious insects.
All this is fine and dandy, but how should you proceed so as to not bring the ants from your peonies into your home?

It is recommended to cut your flowers when no ants are on them, the perfect time for this is early in the morning when the air is still cold or once the sun sets.

Choose flowers that are less in bloom or still at a bud stage, which gives fewer hiding spots to ants. It is also recommended to gently shake your flowers to remove the ants.

You can also leave your flowers in a vase in the garage or the shed for a couple of hours, or spray a little of soapy water on the buds before bringing them into your home.