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What’s better than fresh local flowers for your big day.

Peonies are amazing in a bride’s bouquet, on a lapel, or as table ornaments. Thanks to our wide variety of colours you can match peonies to any occasion, any wedding. Regardless of the theme of your wedding there is a peony to fit your idea. They can truly decorate any part of your wedding, the cake, the pews, the altar, anything. The possibilities are endless.

La Pivoinerie Lili provides you with the most beautiful peony flowers in your favourite colours. You can go crazy with just peonies, or mix them with other flowers. A white, round bouquet is so chic and discreet. A bouquet with pink peonies is distinguished, sweet and romantic! Coloured peonies will add a magical touch to your wedding. Available in a wide range of tones, you can really have fun choosing the most beautiful peonies, flowers and the plants with us that will create your perfect flower design.

We will create a tailor-made offer for you according to your unique style, your needs, your wedding and your budget. There are options for everyone!

It is possible to order flowers directly from our farm and create your floral arrangements yourself or with your favourite florist in the town near you.
This DIY option allows you to (finally) save money while having the perfect flowers for the occasion.

Alternately, we can also take care of everything for you and deliver you completed bouquets for any occasion, giving you the time to prepare other things. We excel at this kind of bespoke service.
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It would be our pleasure to make an estimate and guide you in your flower selection, all free of charge.
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