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La Pivoinerie Lili is a small
flower farm with a big dream:
To grow happiness.

This life’s work allows us to work with what we love, and to share that love and happiness with others through the products we offer. Our flowers can make people smile, offer joy and light to their lives, and bring colour into their homes. They are a comfort and a balm in our lives.

Grown in Quebec
Sustainable agriculture
Picked by hand
Cosmetics made with love
Visit the fields
It is possible to visit our farm on specific days to pick flowers, choose bouquets or shop for our products.

Our availability may vary due to Nature or our family life. Keep an eye on our social media to always know when we are available or when we organise activities. Places are limited. Our small farm can only greet so many people, please reserve a spot online, without charge, to have access to our picking days.

Floral subscription
Schedule a floral subscription: freshly picked flowers throughout summer! A treat to offer yourself and others.

Make the best of our seasonal flowers, they really are the best gift to receive and to offer.
Like any other subscription service, our floral subscription offers you the best flowers our farm has to offer, by simply selecting the format you desire you can come pick them up at our farm all through the summer.

Subscriptions are limited; buy yours today!

Ordering flowers, plants, and other products

It is possible to pick up your order anytime upon request, directly at our farm.

Weddings, special events, and outdoor planning

You may contact us at any moment if you wish us to make an estimate or propose an idea for your wedding, special event, or outdoor planning; we make our estimates free of charge. It would be our pleasure to find the perfect peony to fit your needs.

Florists and other businesses

You would like to receive our flowers in your boutique, or offer our cosmetics? It would be our pleasure! Contact us right away.

Our availabilities
Flower availabilities – respecting the rhythm of Nature

We pick the flowers we grow according to the rhythm of Mother Nature’s seasons – which means surprises and happiness week after week.

  • Tulips – May
  • Lilacs – May
  • Ranunculus – June
  • Peonies – June & July
  • Lilies – July
  • Larkspur – July
  • Snapdragon – July
  • Zinnia – July & August
  • Lisianthus- August
  • Aster – August
  • Dahlia – August & September
  • Sunflowers – September
  • Eucalyptus – September

Our peony roots are delivered in October.

Services and flowers available at our farm

It is possible to order flowers directly from our farm and create your floral arrangements yourself or with your favourite florist. The DIY option allows you to (finally) save money while having the perfect flowers for the occasion.
It is also possible for us to take care of everything for you and deliver completed bouquets for any occasion, giving you the time to prepare other things. We excel at this kind of bespoke service.

Order your wedding flowers right now.

It would be our pleasure to provide an estimate and guide you in your flower selection, all free of charge.

Open hours

Flower picking and special events
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Bouquet selection
Thursdays and Fridays

Private visits to our farm and boutique
on demand, contact us

Points of sale
Magasin Général de Ste-Elizabeth, Fleurs et trouvailles de Chantal in Warwick, Jardinerie Fortier in Princeville