Now it’s your turn to grow happiness & peonies at home!

It’s a pleasure to be able to pick your very own peonies, to create your very own bouquets. It goes without saying that it is also a pleasure to offer them to others. Not only that but peonies really can make your home more beautiful and distinguished. To take good care of your peonies and to make sure they get planted correctly, here are a few tips & tricks.

First of all, it is important to note that peonies come in roots not bulbs. They should be planted in September and October, before the ground freezes.

Choose a spot for your peonies in well drained soil; peonies don’t like lots of water, but they love snow so choose an uncovered spot that will be adequately covered in snow during the winter. Peony bushes can live up to 80 years if taken proper care of; part of this is not moving them too often and choosing the perfect sport for them.

If you are planting more than one peony, keep a distance of 3 feet between them: this allows for proper development of the roots and bush.

Dig a hole 2 to 3 times the size of the root, deep enough for the eyes (the pink buds) of the peony to be facing upwards and be covered with no more than 2 inches (5 cm) of earth. If the eyes are too deep they risk not growing, if too shallow, they risk being damaged by the cold. Take good care to select the right depth to plant your roots. Once you’ve done so, add the earth back into the hole you’ve dug and pack it in well to avoid unwanted movement of your root.

Feel free to add potting soil, compost, well composted manure, and bone powder to the soil around your bush; do not however put any fresh manure near your bush.

By following these quick and easy steps you will have your first peonies by next summer.

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